Oba Digital Inclusion


Digital inclusion is an effort to ensure that everybody can contribute to and benefit from the digital world.

  • Social Inclusion: increasing the participation rate of disadvantaged people in public, social and economic activities through social inclusion projects. Social inclusion, focusing on the most disadvantaged sectors of society with specific programmes that help them to enter the digital world.

Every day, we use the digital world to perform a range of tasks. This has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. We use the Internet and new technologies to work from our homes, learn new skills, watch tv and films, and find out the latest news with the click of a button.

Indeed, the transition to the digital world has brought us many new and exciting opportunities. However, not everyone has equal access to these opportunities. For some people, the digital world is not yet fully accessible. For others, it is not affordable. and others were not taught the skills to participate fully.

OBA digital inclusion cut across sectors of the economy such as Health care, Education, Agriculture.