Smart Water ATM

Our Smart Water ATM projects aim to revolutionize water access in communities in Nigeria. Through the installation of innovative water dispensers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, we are ensuring clean and accessible water for all.

Project Overview

Our cutting-edge water ATM ensures the delivery of purified water while offering real-time monitoring of field data and essential process parameters. This guarantees stakeholders access to consistently high-quality water. Powered by solar energy and connected to the cloud, our solution allows remote tracking of both water quality and quantity, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during water supply. Furthermore, our innovative approach minimizes the use of plastic bottled water, actively promoting a circular economy and mitigating environmental degradation caused by plastic bottle waste.

Benefits of our Solar Water Station

  1. Efficient Capital Utilization:

    Your invested capital is utilized judiciously, ensuring optimal efficiency in the deployment of our solar water station project.

  2. Rapid Expansion into Unserved Areas:

    Experience a swift roll-out into areas currently underserved, bringing essential water services to communities efficiently.

  3. High Visibility Solar Application:

    Our project stands out as a high-visibility solar application, showcasing a commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.

  4. Ideal for Off-Grid Communities:

    Catering to communities with limited or no grid power connection, our solar water stations provide a vital resource where it is needed most.

  5. Real-time Data Monitoring:

    Benefit from real-time data monitoring services, allowing stakeholders to measure and understand the social impact of our water stations.

  6. Serve Significant Population:

    Each water station can effectively serve 500 to 1500 people daily, addressing the water needs of a considerable population.

  7. Cost-effective Investment per Capital:

    Experience a minimal investment cost per capita, ensuring that the benefits of our project reach a broader audience.

  8. Regulated Pricing and Reliable Service:

    Customers enjoy the advantages of regulated pricing, controlled water quality, and reliable service, along with potential incentives.

  9. Economies of Scale and Cross-subsidization:

    Our station concept leverages economies of scale, allowing for cost-efficient operations and the possibility of cross-subsidization.

  10. Standardized Design and Operation:

    The design, implementation, and operation of our solar water stations follow rigorous standards to ensure consistent service quality and cost-efficiency.

  11. Community Involvement and Ownership:

    Community involvement, from placement to awareness and operator recruitment, ensures a sense of ownership and sustained success.

Invest in a project that not only provides essential water services but also delivers a range of benefits, from efficient capital use to community involvement. Our solar water station project is designed for impact, sustainability, and positive change. Join us in creating a brighter future for communities in need.

Operational Principles of our Water Stations

  1. Raw Water Intake:

    Water flows into the raw water tank, by a small pumping system.
  2. Water Treatment Unit:

    The water undergoes treatment within the Water station, ensuring the removal of harmful elements to meet safety standards.
  3. Advanced Treatment Technologies:

    Various treatment technologies, such as iron, arsenic, and fluoride removal, are employed based on specific requirements.
  4. Fully Automated Treatment Unit:

    The treatment unit operates fully automatically, featuring auto backwash, auto flushing of filters, and timely on-off systems for seamless functionality.
  5. Solar-Powered System:

    The entire system relies on solar power, with a solar panel system connected to the Water station.

Social and Economic Impacts

By implementing our water stations, we aim to bring about profound social and economic changes:

  1. Reliable Drinking Water:

    Communities will have access to a reliable source of drinking water, significantly reducing the occurrences of waterborne diseases, and improving overall health statistics.
  2. Healthcare Cost Savings:

    Families will experience savings on healthcare expenses related to the treatment of waterborne diseases, contributing to improved financial well-being.
  3. Reduced Work Absenteeism:

    Water-related illnesses often lead to work absenteeism. Our initiative aims to diminish such occurrences, promoting a healthier and more productive workforce.
  4. Youth Empowerment and Job Creation:

    The development and construction of water ATM stations present opportunities for sustainable local jobs. Engaging youths in these initiatives empowers them, fostering skill development and creating a positive impact.
  5. Youth Engagement in Policy and Advocacy:

    Youth involvement extends beyond construction. We strive to engage young minds in policy and advocacy, providing a platform for them to influence positive changes in their communities.
  6. Social Entrepreneurship Development:

    Our initiative goes beyond infrastructure; it nurtures social entrepreneurship. By encouraging innovation and community-driven solutions, we pave the way for sustainable and impactful ventures.

Join us in fostering a future where communities thrive with reliable access to clean water, improved health outcomes, and empowered youth actively shaping positive changes. Together, we can create lasting social and economic impacts that transform lives.

Progress Update

As of January 2024, we have successfully identified 150 communities with low access to potable water to implement Smart Water ATM projects. These projects not only provide a reliable source of clean water but also empower communities with sustainable water management practices.


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